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  • L. Lancieri and N. Durand. Method and System for Detecting an Emergence of Information Phenomenon from Sampled Digital Data, December 2002, number: FR2826478 – A1. INPI


  • N. Durand and L. Lancieri. PrefetchEm v1.0: Emergence Detection based Prefetching and Caching in a Proxy Server, Program Protection Agency (APP), September 2003, IDDN.FR.001.380034.000.S.P.2003.000.30810.
  • L. Lancieri, S. Legouix, N. Durand and N. Saillard. CyraNode v1.4: Active Personalized Replication System of Audiovisual Streams on Internet, Program Protection Agency (APP), April 2002, IDDN.FR.001.140011.000.S.P.2002.000.30810.